Les Acharnés du Swing at the Gypsy Festival

The « Acharnés du Swing » had left for a time the smoky cellars where they usually play to finally appear in the light.

A successful passage for these musicians who develop an energetic swing, whose double bass and rhythm guitar play the tick and the tock of an foolproof metronome, time counter, where the drums, part of the rhythm, bring a very rock energy by injecting of molten metal in the swing. This gives an original jazzing object, stamped « Acharnés du Swing », in which the soloist drawing his energy from the powerful, but not so simple playing of the drummer, projects the notes in colorful bouquets at the speed of light.

For the last third of the set, Les Acharnés offered an original configuration by inviting Julien Bertrand , who we know is accessible to this kind of adventure.

Undeniably his talent and his own poetry brought another dimension to the end of the set. From the meeting of these two different musical universes he was able to give birth to some beautiful and particularly sensitive emotions.

Michel Mathais & photos David Strickler

[Article published in Jazz-Rhône-Alpes, edition n ° 550 of Monday, May 25, 2015]

« Les Acharnés du Swing » for « Ça Jazze Fort à Francheville »

It Jazze Fort in Francheville until the third set, with the duo of guitarists from the group « Les Acharnés du Swing ». They perform in small groups, without the bassist and without the drummer. It is therefore not easy for the two musicians to transcribe as a duo the soaring guitar riffs of gypsy swing. It is generally Maxime Dauphin , the backyard guitarist (right looking at the stage), who attacks the melody of the pieces, while Lucas Muller accompanies him to the rhythm.

Tonight’s repertoire is mainly composed of pieces by Django Reinhardt or pieces that the master has played or recorded. They start with Springtime in Swing which they begin like all titles with a frank and energetic attack. They continue in the register of fast swing with Them There Eyes and after a clean and coordinated theme finale, they move on to Minor Swing . On this key theme of Django, the soloist increases in intensity in his playing. The two guitarists share their dexterity by alternating melodic solos and « the pump » to ensure the rhythm. This helps to expand the duo’s game. The liveliness of the rhythm is calmed with a series of ballads whose sweetnessNorwegian dance . Then Dreams of you , where we notice the great listening in the duo’s playing which is transmitted through the complicit gaze of the two musicians. The fast pace returns on Joseph Joseph . There is also fun when the two guitarists give the impression of passing the swing during each piece as if it were running on the neck of their instruments and their fingers strive to catch it tirelessly. This return to fast swing continues with Sweet Georgia Brown , and then ends up on the theme of Place de Brouckère. With this one we understand that the two friends are delighted to have made this third concert of the evening. The complicity of the two « fierce » is evident on this piece where they dialogue in the middle of the theme.

They do not need to be asked to play a final title, it is even them who ask the authorization to the room while proposing it! This is to say that they will have fun by interpreting Coquette and by heating the strings of their Selmer-Maccaferri type guitars.

When asked what is the origin of the rhythm of the pump they play for the accompaniment; is it an Alsatian, Parisian, or Dutch pump? They answer: « a Lyon pump », which shows that you can be gone, gadjo and play gypsy swing very well. Finally this first evening of support will have a strong swing at Iris, we could perhaps do a festival with all this groove !!!

Jean-François Viaud & photos Jazz-Rhone-Alpes.com

[Article published in Jazz-Rhône-Alpes, edition n ° 552 of Monday, June 8, 2015]